The system


OnDuty is a modular, smart and intelligent platform for controlling your motorhome, yacht, boat or island solution.

With OnDuty, all the components of your system are integrated in one unified control unit zusammengefasst. The modules include environment capture modules and also control modules.

All functions of the system can be accessed via the permanently installed OnDutyDisplay and can be controlled via touch operation and also via the App OnDutyControl on your tablet or smartphone. The operation can be used on any number of devices and becomes active when you are in the vehicle's Wi-Fi network. The future cloud integration will support the setup and enable remote monitoring.

The variant of the permanently installed display can of course also be used without WLAN.

The integration of all components available in the system not only allows for the operation via only one interfacebut can also, for the first time, create intelligent dependencies e.g. energy-saving functions . For example, the energy surplus of a solar system can be used to operate the refrigerator when the batteries are full, thus conserving the gas supply and extending the self-sufficient time.

You no longer have to decide whether to set a temperature for the heating or the air conditioning, because with OnDuty you simply set the target temperature.